The Newbie Process from Quavial

Quavial Marshall has been with NAPA for less than a year, but she’s been integral to the Human Resources department since her arrival. With a company as large as ours, it’s important that … Read More

The Value of Being First

Sometimes, fate has a way of putting you at the frontline of something big. “Firsts” are celebrated all the time here at NAPA: first work anniversaries, first openings for store … Read More

The Options for Tabatha Shiver

The year is 1993, and Tabatha Shiver has just hopped on the NAPA scene. She was still in high school, but she was doing great work in our South Georgia location as a Ticket … Read More


Take a look at Sherri White. She’s a woodworker, vocalist, and NAPA’s unofficial private investigator. That’s right, Sherri has had her hand in solving real life crimes in her position … Read More