Secret Agent NAPA Man


Lupe Nevarez is a self-proclaimed hungry man. He’s also a determined man. Like many NAPA employees, he wants to challenge himself every day. Work is not merely a job to him, but a place to realize his dreams.  

Lupe started at NAPA Wilmington in 1994. He enjoyed his retail experience for four years, and he accelerated through the ranks until becoming the Assistant Manager in Outside Sales. But he was still feeling famished, so he worked until he was promoted to the Store Manager in Van Nuys.  

It was a bit of a location change, but Lupe encouraged any move if it meant growth for him personally.  

“I wanted to grow in the company. I really wanted to be a Store Manager, which is why I took on so many roles at my other store. I liked the management aspect of sales; putting a plan together, seeing it come through, I really got a kick out of that. So when a position opened up, a manager approached me and said they had an opportunity for me. He said it would be a bit of a drive, but it’s there for you, so you have to make an impact. I was promoted to Store Manager and I took one of my salesmen with me. Little did I know, there was a deadline to make the store a success in a short time period. The store was doing very poorly.” 

Lupe had already shown himself to be a hard worker, so with his other coworker in tow, he moved west to start his own NAPA dynasty.  

“We did a lot of work. We would stay there until 11 o’clock at night painting the walls. People thought we were a little crazy, but we turned the place around. That same manager that promoted me wrote a really nice letter because we met the deadline for the store’s success. We almost doubled the profits in just six months.” 

Lupe worked on his team and the mentality of his employees. Seeing Lupe give it his all every day pushed his coworkers to improve their own productivity, and soon the store was thriving.  

With a new MVP title fresh under his belt, Lupe moved on to his next great challenge. There was a brand-new downtown location that had gone through some managerial and owner changes, and Lupe didn’t know quite what to expect from them. So, he went incognito. 

There wasn’t a need for a trench coat and sunglasses just yet; the new store didn’t know what Lupe looked like, since he was supposed to start as their new manager that Monday. But Lupe didn’t want to wait. He headed out to the store on a Saturday and was pained by what he saw. 

No greeting upon his entry. The dispatch workers were on the phone and openly turned their back on him when he tried to get their attention. Finally, Lupe was driven to the edge and started knocking down products, but even that was to no avail. It was only as he was leaving that another employee recognized him and exclaimed, “Lupe! You’re taking over the store, aren’t you?”  

To which Lupe replied in a grim tone, “Yes. We need to talk.” 

Much like his previous store, the downtown location was underperforming—low sales, low morale, low NAPA pride. But Lupe rolled up his sleeves and now the downtown branch has triple crowned (NAPA nugget: triple crowning means hitting the sales, profit, and inventory numbers) multiple times and has been named the most profitable store in the district. 

Lupe’s track record for sales success is astonishing, but even now he shows no sign of slowing down. After going 36 months without missing a quota and 15 years with NAPA, Lupe made a bid for his new home in downtown Van Nuys.   

“I was able to purchase the downtown location. It was a shock that they sold me their best store. It’s a dream. NAPA made it happen. The took me when I barely knew parts and taught me how to run a store and how to manage and be successful. All I did was utilize the skills I learned through their training. NAPA has been the best career choice I’ve made. I couldn’t say there’s anything I don’t like about the company.” 

So what do you say? Are you ready to realize your dreams? Visit NAPA’s career page and see what opportunities we have available.