The NAPA Spirit with Garrett Coulter

napa employee

Look, we know businesses as a whole have a reputation for being cutthroat, but at NAPA, the fiercest we are is with our demand to put the best people in our company. Garrett Coulter witnessed that firsthand when he left a job with another auto competitor back in 2008.  

 Now a successful Wholesale Manager with us, Garrett settles down for an interview about how far he’s come in just a few years. He is able to see all of the moving parts from his position within General Parts Company, a well-known acquisition of NAPA Auto Parts.  

Garrett is located in the heart of NAPA country: the NAPA Distribution Center in Atlanta, Georgia. In his position as a Wholesale Manager, he manages the NAPA AutoCare program, as well as Major Accounts for our operation.   

“Every day is different here,” he ruminated. “It’s fast-paced with new challenges every single day. I’m constantly learning.”   

There is always something new to learn in NAPA AutoCare. Not only are there a myriad of different cars rolling into the shop on any given day, but the techniques and strategies of our hands-on staff are also constantly evolving as cars themselves progress.  

Which works out great for Garrett; his company car is one of the benefits of his career with NAPA, and now he embodies his own NAPA Know How and knows what’s going on beneath the hood.  

“I spend most of my time traveling,” he noted. “I work with our independent owners and company-owned stores.” And Garrett is only too happy to hop behind the wheel and continue forging his relationships with his NAPA coworkers.   

“The link between management and staff is exceptional; beyond any expectation, an employee could ever have,” Garrett extolled. “I’m inspired by people, great people doing epic things.” Thankfully, he has no shortage of amazing people working alongside him every day.  

But in his leadership position, he has to be able to push his team to be those great people doing epic things. How can a manager do that without having their employees feel micromanaged?  

I lead by example. It’s very easy to lead when you yourself are led with exceptional example.  

 We certainly agree! Garrett has been an exceptional employee and demonstrates what it really is like to work with NAPA. His enthusiasm for the job is infectious, and he even admits he can go “on and on about this great company.”  

 If you’re really looking to join the team, Garrett has a few suggestions for you. When you show up for an interview, make sure you’re portraying your positive self. “I look for people who have great attitudes and personality. Anyone with those personality traits can be taught anything,” he advised.  

As he said, we’re constantly learning at NAPA. Are you ready to learn along with us? Visit our careers page and get some direct experience with Bleedin’ Blue. It won’t take long before you’re waving the NAPA flag alongside the ever-enthusiastic Garrett Coulter.