The Stability of NAPA with Daralee Duprez


Longevity is the key to a successful career. We know there’s nothing more stressful on a person than constantly finding a job, going through all the rigmarole before ending that position, and then starting the job hunt all over again. The last thing we want for our NAPA employees is for them to feel like this is just a stop on the road for them.  

To completely turn that idea on its head, we’d like to introduce you to Daralee Duprez. Mother, target shooter, and long-term NAPA employee for 15 solid years. She stopped on the road for us all right, but only in her capacity as a Delivery Driver almost two decades ago. After stepping foot in our facilities, Daralee knew she was looking at the rest of a long career with NAPA.   

“I realized it was a very nice place to work and where I wanted to spend the rest of my career,” she noted.   

Since her arrival, Daralee has enjoyed positions all along the ranks, and became a Store Manager just a short while ago. Even though she had been a tried-and-true NAPA family member for so long, she was nervous about the transition to her new role. When asked about what sticks out to her as a patented NAPA moment, she chuckled: 

When I started as a manager, I went to introduce myself to an employee and stuck out my hand. I got a big hug instead. It’s a real family environment here. 

We should say so! At NAPA, we pride ourselves on making our employees feel like they’re at home, and simultaneously make sure that the people in their home are taken care of as well. “NAPA is very understanding with children,” Daralee confirmed.  

Moreover, we are understanding with your own professional development. Daralee took advantage of one our amazing training programs (if we do say so ourselves) and completed her course in Lead Manager Training.  

The course explained everything I would needEvery question that would come up, I would refer to the paperwork and the answer would be there. 

The training programs we provide are in large part a response to the ambition we take in from all of our employees. NAPA people just seem to have a certain something; a certain need to grow. “If you want to join NAPA, you definitely need to have the ability and desire to learn,” Daralee recommended.   

For Daralee herself, she is looking towards pushing even more boundaries in her professional career. With some experience as a Store Manager under her belt, her sales numbers are starting to reflect the drive in her leadership, and she hopes to continue that streak. “I’m looking forward to maybe starting a new store,” she quipped. 

Daralee had said to herself that she wanted to spend the rest of her professional life with NAPA, and that’s the kind of spirit we’re looking for in our employees. It’s called Bleedin’ Blue. If you’re looking for a long-term career, look no further than NAPA’s career page. We’ve got you covered.