Getting Scouted by NAPA

Getting Scouted by NAPA

Andrew Galley didn’t always work for NAPA. But we noticed something in him; a dedication, an ambition. And one of our managers couldn’t help but bring him on board. 

“I worked for QuikTrip for several months before NAPA found me,” Andrew recalled.   

I was found by an area manager who came into one of the QT locations. He spotted me one day and he was the introduction to NAPA. I didn’t know too much about it before, but I didn’t realize all of the retail opportunities NAPA had to offer. He had me do some research about it and I found it very interesting, so I came aboard. 

That was only three years ago. Andrew began his NAPA voyage as a Retail Coordinator, and he ensured that our sterling standards were being followed in his store. “I maintained the retail basics of the sales area, which can include anything from price labelling to customer service to cleanliness.” 

But there was still that spark that we noticed from the very beginning. Andrew quickly advanced and was finally promoted to Retail Business Development Manager. Still enjoying his central location of Atlanta, Georgia (a city informally known as the home of NAPA HQ), Andrew now oversees the people in his former position.  

There are countless benefits to joining the NAPA family, and Andrew has enjoyed every aspect of the culture since joining. 

It’s more of a family-oriented type of company, and you’re not lost by the numbers, you’re known by name. People know who you are and you definitely know your DM and GM and work together as a team, compared to other retailers where you don’t know who you’re looking for or what the expectation is. With NAPA, your future is clear. You have people who started out as Drivers become CEOs, Area Managers, DMs—the future is bright here. 

You have the ability to pick the brains of your experienced coworkers, and Andrew himself has credited his NAPA mentors who helped him with every step of the process. We want our employees to be able to come into work and ask the questions they need to get the job done. Not only that, but we want them to enjoy their time here. Working somewhere forty hours a week doesn’t need to be a drag; we call ourselves a family because that’s how we want you to feel about coming to work. 

NAPA definitely cares about its people and their worklife balance is great. They want you to take care of your family, but they also treat you like family. It’s your home away from home, and it gives you the comfort to know you’re respected here. This company supports you if you need family time or help with the job, and they allow you to express what you feel and take what you say into consideration. 

Now that Andrew is in his leadership role, it’s his duty to support members of his team in whatever they need. If you ever need a listening ear, you’ll find Andrew Galley around – unless he’s riding his motorcycle, of course. 

And like many of our employees, Andrew is excited about the future. 

As our retail team grows, I want to grow with it and the company as a whole. I’m definitely looking to broaden aspects of myself; I love retail, but I’m open to any parts of growth within NAPA. 

Are you ready to grow with NAPA? Check out our open positions and see what we can do for you!