Find Your Second Family at NAPA

Find Your Second Family at NAPA

We all know that you spend more time at work than you do not at work. What can NAPA and its separate divisions do to help you enjoy your time here? Well, for many employees, we find teammates who we get along with, and most importantly, can make the time fly by! 

“NAPA culture is really great,” Andrew Galley, Retail Business Development Manager, shared excitedly  

It’s more of a family-oriented type of company, and you’re not lost by the numbers, you’re known by name. People know who you are, and you definitely know your District Manager and General Manager, whatever your level. You work together as a team here, compared to other retailers where you don’t know who you’re looking for or what the expectation is. 

Quavial Marshall experienced that firsthand when she started as NAPA’s HR Assistant in Atlanta just a few short months ago.  

My first two weeks here, I was able to work closely with my coworker Rob. He was really open. When you start a new job, and you have someone helping you and understanding the process, that’s very important. You’ll want to understand things for yourself and be able to do your part when the time comes. In just that short amount of time, between my manager and my coworker, I knew this was a great fit for me. 

That spirit is definitely on show at our storefronts. For Daralee Duprez, she was struck at how apparent NAPA’s friendliness was from the moment she stepped in for her first morning: 

When I started as a manager, I took out my hand to introduce myself to a team member, and I got a hug instead. It’s a real family environment. I started on a temporary basis at first, but I realized that it was such a nice place to work, so I decided to spend as much time as I could with NAPA.  

“The people here are so great,” said Marie Clare, Senior VP of Human Resources, echoing Daralee’s sentiment. “That’s what makes the difference.” 

Before I even started officially, I had people reaching out to me and congratulating me! There was a lot of time up front for my onboarding, and that really made it a difference when I joined the NAPA family. The time that’s invested in people, including myself when I arrived, made me feel that it was truly a family at one point. 

Find your new family with a career in NAPA. Apply today!