Providing More with NAPA: Chris Piston’s Journey

Providing More with NAPA: Chris Piston’s Journey

“Before NAPA,” Chris Piston recalled, casting his mind back to 2008, “I worked for an independent WD for 8 years. In our industry, the WD means we didn’t work with a big brand like NAPA, but we were still an auto parts store.” 

Chris had the under-the-hood experience we so love to see, but he knew working with us would add an extra “something.” In his words, it was more than just a little—working with NAPA meant a lot more. 

“I saw it really quickly,” he said. “They had a lot more experience in the game and they could offer a lot more to offer the customers, so I came on board.” 

After all, more than 90 years in the automotive industry is pretty unbeatable. It’s because of that longevity and passion for change that we offer such competitive products and engaging programs for our employees, just like the one Chris participated in during his NAPA inauguration. 

After he graduated from the management program, his career took him several places, both physically and metaphorically. He gained experience as a District Operations Manager in LA, a District Manager in Portland, and the Distribution Center Manager in Kansas City and Syracuse before settling down in his latest accomplishment, Sales Manager for Syracuse. 

This company is so full of opportunitiesPeople stay for the long haul. If you learn, you’ll go far. We as a company are always growing, and there’s always a need for new people and new ideas. 

Many of our people at NAPA utilize our thousands of different locations and fields of experience to find the fit that works best for them, no matter where it puts them on the map.  

“NAPA makes the relocation very seamless,” Chris assured us.   

They take care of it all for you so you can focus on transitioning your family and transitioning into your new job. But really the cultures are all very similar, no matter where you go. There’s a lot of longevity at NAPA, and they’re very welcoming to new faces because they know what it’s like. Our teams are accustomed to change and are excited by it. 

It’s why he enjoys his Sales Manager role. “I don’t have a typical day,” he chuckled. “Every day is different. A normal day can go from meetings and working with my sales team to working with owners and financial matters.” 

At the end of the day, the most important thing to Chris is that his sales team is thriving. Considering his Triple Crown wins at two different districts (which, to the uninitiated, means those locations achieved all of their sales quotas), we’d say that he has a strong understanding on what it takes to lead a great team! We’re so happy Chris decided to Bleed Blue with NAPA.