Alicia Beal’s Big Move

Alicia Beal’s Big Move

Cars were always there for Alicia Beal. And while she worked towards her college degree, Alicia Beal was there for cars. She worked at a big auto care/truck service center and her experience there was life-changing: it led her to NAPA. 

“We hosted something called the NAPA Expo every 5 years,” Alicia explained. 

It’s a fantastic event that includes industry-wide training, a trade show, and all of our vendors show up. It’s just a really impressive example of what NAPA can do. 

As Alicia walked around the Expo, she clocked all of our accomplishments and kept them in a list inside her head. As it turns out, ours weren’t the only accomplishments she was keeping track of.  

In high school, I had a teacher who made us fill out these 1-year, 5-year, 10-year plans. She signed it and told us that if we accomplished anything on those sheets, we should call her and she’ll take us out for a free lunch and talk about our accomplishments. 

“One thing I said I wanted to do was to work for a Fortune 500 company and be on the path to do something important—I had no idea what that important thing was, but I wanted to strive for that,” Alicia said, laughing at the memory.  

That day at the Expo, Alicia decided to strive for something new. She walked right up to our Denver Distribution Center Manager, handed him her resume, and within a handful of days was on her way to Colorado to begin the Associate District Manager Trainee program. 

The training program lasted 12 months and was focused on our district, company-owned stores. The most important person at NAPA is the person that throws away the box. Nothing exists in our business without being to sell the auto parts, first and foremost. 

With her trainee coursework under her belt, Alicia was able to do more than sell our amazing auto parts. She was able to work on everything that could pop up—running the stores, working with deliveries, managing inventory, and managing her people. 

It’s been four years now, and Alicia has been all over the country showing people how she Bleeds Blue.  

Some people may think it’s crazy, but I’ve loved being able to work in opposite parts of the country. NAPA provides that opportunity to let you go anywhere; we’re a global company. They really do mean it! If you raise your hand and say, “I’m willing to take on the adventure,” they’ll do everything they can for you. They’ll challenge you, they’ll support you, and we have really great leaders to guide your way. The NAPA family is our biggest strength. 

Her latest hand-raising experience led her to the Sales Manager role for our Buffalo Distribution Center. It’s a long way from her last posting in Alaska (we know!), but the work is just what Alicia wanted for her next step on the NAPA career ladder. 

“There are no limits to what you can do here,” Alicia declared.  

I’ve gotten to move to these extraordinary places and meet new people, and I knew if I picked up the phone today and told them I wanted something different, they’d work with me. You have the opportunity to do whatever you want, wherever you want. We’re a family company that respects self-starters. 

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