Movin’ On Up with Cory Lord

Movin’ On Up with Cory Lord

It took a while, but we finally managed to win over Cory.  

“When I was in college, I met a guy who I ended up being really good friends with,” Cory Lord shared with us. “He was working out of a Distribution Center here in Georgia, and he encouraged me to apply to NAPA. Eventually, he became my boss!” 

That manager knew that it didn’t matter where you were on your path; if you had drive like Cory did, you would do well at NAPA. 

“I have a bachelor’s degree in turf management,” Cory recounted. “I was working at a hotel right before I started at NAPA.” 

But the biggest thing that drew me to NAPA was the potential to move up through the ranks. I wanted a career: I didn’t want a job. I wanted to come to a company and work there for the rest of my career.   

It’s been three years so far. In just that short amount of time, Cory has shown us an immense amount of dedication and skill with every position he’s held.  

I started as a Territory Sales Manager, but after eleven months or so I was approached for the Sales Manager Trainee role. The Sales Manager Trainee program is set up through NAPA Headquarters, and it’s really great. I said yes right away because that was the reason I first came to work at NAPA; I wanted to move up, and this was a great shot.  

Cory wasn’t even in the trainee program for a year before he was promoted to Sales Manager in Charleston. Now he has the ability to settle down, although the life of a TSM was appealing to him as a man who was interested in different places. 

I picked up and moved about 800 miles from where I had lived the majority of my life, so I was in a new state with a new job. The support team around me—my fellow TSMs, the independent store owners, my manager–really helped me understand my role, and I’ve seen a lot of great advancement at NAPA since then. 

Now that Cory is a leader, he has the responsibility to support and encourage his team members the same way he was encouraged before.  

“I lead by example,” Cory said surely. “I would never ask my team to do something I wouldn’t be willing to do myself.” 

Today, you can find Cory leading his High Point team as a District Manager; that is, when he’s not bonding with his one-month-old son or finding time to hunt (it’s finally autumn! Cory couldn’t be more excited to have the chance to enjoy the outdoors again).  

Where will he go next? Only time will tell. With NAPA, your career is what you make it!