The Inside Scoop on Our Distribution Centers

Are you looking for an exciting new career with an amazing culture? Having you been perusing our openings at our Distribution Centers but have been skeptical because you’re not sure if you’d like the culture?

We sat down with some of our High Point Distribution Center employees to get the inside scoop on what the culture is like in our Distribution Centers. Check it out!

“We all love each other,” said Sherrell Sanders.

It’s so friendly. When you need help, they’re there. It’s never anything bad; everyone is just so loving. You probably will hear it a lot, but we’re one big happy family here at NAPA, and especially here, in the Distribution Center. We value teamwork even down to our processes such as our main counter pullers and put wall pullers who collaborate to make sure production isn’t hurt when we’re short-staffed. 

Jonathan Fields, on the other hand, appreciates just how welcoming our DCs are.

NAPA is a diverse family. We’re all from different backgrounds, and we’re all different nationalities. When you walk into the warehouse, you’re never going to see the same thing every day. This diversity allows us to learn from each other and it teaches us how to communicate with each other, whether we’re the same or different. Honestly, it’s better to be in a diverse environment, because everyone has different ways of doing things and you get to learn things you may not have learned on your own.

“It’s a family environment,” Seth Woodall agreed.

That’s what I push to create. Everybody has to go to work every day, but you’d like to come to work and have fun and enjoy where you are. If you’re miserable where you work, chances are you won’t stay there long, which is what I and NAPA try to avoid. We push and strive for an environment here at the Distribution Center that encompasses a family culture and teamwork. Here we are so much more than just coming to work and going home, we are involved and a part of each other’s world.”  

Jill Norby certainly wouldn’t have it any other way. She gushed about her coworkers and how they made her excited to come to work every day.

Everybody is always very friendly and helpful. The group we have is very genuine and always welcoming. Everyone is always willing to help out, especially in training with new people, even with simple things, such as finding a trash compactor. Our team goes out of their way to provide a feeling of ease for any employee, new or old.

Have we piqued your interest and made up your mind? Head to our careers site and apply today! Don’t put off your next great career!