Looking for the Best in Unlikely Places

Yes, NAPA is one of the leading companies in the aftermarket automotive parts industry and yes, we have some of the best and most knowledgeable teams, but not all of our people started off that way. Some of our most experienced employees started off with no automotive experience, and many even started in different industries altogether!

Meet some of our employees who had non-traditional transitions to NAPA Auto Parts.

Early on in my career, I wanted to be a Mechanic. I attended Chattahoochee Technical College in Marietta, finished, and discovered that I actually loved working with people more. Yes, I love cars and working on them, but my passion is working with customers and providing service where I can still utilize my knowledge of cars. NAPA gave me that. What’s also great is that NAPA will teach you what it is that you need to know. They have outstanding training and want you to be successful on your job for yourself and for our customers who expect the NAPA Know How from us. You don’t have to join the company having the Know How, but you will get it once you work for NAPA.

 –Jordan Turner, Assistant Store Manager

Or you could be like Cori Ritchie, HR Manager, who knew a different side of automotives.

I’ve been in HR for about 23 years. I had automotive experience, but I was in automotive manufacturing. Things like the carpets for the underside of the hood and whatnot, and I also worked for a company that made automotive glass.  I was looking for a company that demonstrated that it was successful and not going anywhere. I wanted a company that would provide me with positive growth; we’re all growing, right? I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be stifled. I wanted to continuously learn, and when I learned about the management courses during the interview process at NAPA, it piqued my interest even more. They really focus on developing their people, which is key. They demonstrate that daily.

But one thing we pride ourselves on is spotting talent wherever we find it; even—in Andrew Galley’s case—in the unlikeliest of places.

I worked for QuikTrip for several months before NAPA found me. I was found by an area manager who came into one of the QT locations. He spotted me one day and he was the introduction to NAPA. I didn’t know too much about it before, but I didn’t realize all of the retail opportunities NAPA had to offer. He had me do some research about it and I found it very interesting, so I came aboard.

We’ve also had employees who have joined us from the boardrooms off Wall Street and Fifth Avenue to the battlefields of the Middle East. No matter the path that may lead our employees here, new and old, each person contributes to the mission of NAPA in their own unique way once they’re a part of the NAPA family.

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