Succeeding with Support: Mike Scanlan’s NAPA Take

When Mike Scanlan isn’t hitting “the green” on the golf course or playing old school video games with his kids, he is helping run company-owned store groups as a District Manager.

Mike found NAPA at a time that allowed him to truly take advantage of our flexibility and build upon the career development and advancement that NAPA instills in its people.

I started with NAPA when I was seventeen years old. I, like a lot of other kids, was going to school and working part-time. I was a Loader working in the NAPA Distribution Center back then. I worked part-time through college and worked full-time during summer and breaks. After I got my degree, I transitioned into NAPA’s Executive Management Trainee Program, which got me ready for the positions that led me to work with our company-owned store groups.

We’d say so! Like many others, Mike’s journey with NAPA started at a young age and transformed into a career via our Executive Management Trainee Program. However, as Mike will tell you, his journey after his program was a bit different.

A unique opportunity NAPA gave to me happened upon finishing the EMT program. I was asked where I saw my career going at NAPA. I didn’t know, and I was still trying to decide which path I wanted to take. Unlike others in my class, I couldn’t decide where I fit. The opportunity of going into company-owned stores was pitched to me by leadership, although they knew I had no experience. Even with no experience, I felt I was prepared to take on the challenge, and I decided to dive in headfirst. It by far wasn’t something I was a specialist in, but it was something the company felt like I could do, and they were willing to give me a shot when many companies probably wouldn’t.

“It paid off though, I’m still here!” Mike laughed.

Mike attributes his ability to take such a large step to not only to what he learned during his training program, but the supportive environment NAPA provides.

When I was coming up, I had a District Manager who supported me in anything that I desired to do. When I needed help with anything he was there. Whether I needed direction or a helping hand, he always gave me the encouragement to make my own decisions and find my own answers. The great thing he always told me was it’s okay to make a mistake, there’s nothing you can’t fix, or we can’t fix. So, if it doesn’t happen or work out, we can always adjust and correct it. I’ve held onto that throughout my career and being a leader. I know mistakes will take place and the support my people need will usually be, how do we fix them.

For Mike, keeping these lessons have made him a better leader to his team as well.

I make sure my team knows I’m there for them throughout the day. I am here to make sure they succeed, if they’re not succeeding, I’m not doing my job correctly. This can mean helping them handle customer issues, answering questions they can’t crack themselves, career development requests, and so forth. The same support I received as a younger NAPA employee, and even the support I still receive from upper management, I show the same for my team.

If you’re ready to work in a supportive culture where you will be challenged from day 1 and pushed regardless if you have experience or not, check out our careers page and join us today!