Jeff Parker: A Star Sales Manager

When we say a career with NAPA can start anywhere, we’re not kidding. Jeff Parker started his working life as a bartender and construction worker, but after graduating from college, … Read More

Samantha Dienelt’s Unique Chance

Just this past March, we at NAPA did something a little different. We opened our very first combined role and promoted Samantha Dienelt to tackle it.   “I’m a DC Manager, but it’s … Read More

Dan Guzik and the High Point Team

Why choose NAPA?   The reason is different for everybody. For Dan Guzik, he was burnt out on his previous company and desired something different for his career. But that wasn’t the entire reason … Read More

Movin’ On Up with Cory Lord

It took a while, but we finally managed to win over Cory.   “When I was in college, I met a guy who I ended up being really good friends with,” … Read More