Leadership at NAPA is challenging and fulfilling. As a leader, you will be in a position to help others grow, work with other magnetic leaders, and blaze new trails with your own ingenuity and charisma. From Store Manager to Sales Manager, there are so many ways to take charge and be a leader with the NAPA family.

NAPA also offers various ways for our employees to develop themselves and become a leader with us. With programs such as "LEAD Store Manager Training" and "Executive Management Training", we put you behind the wheel of your own career.

Train to Lead

Develop yourself through one of our leadership training programs and use your experience to set yourself apart.

Take Charge

Guide your team in finding the fix everyday. Find the fulfillment that comes with leading a part of the NAPA family.


Find new ways to develop yourself and your team through the confidence, wisdom, and motivation you have learned as a leader with NAPA.

Choosing An Internship

Why Choose a NAPA Internship?

Choosing An Internship

Why Choose a NAPA Internship?

Family perspective and culture is what makes being a part of the NAPA Internship that much better. Why run errands when you can actually have a say in the business?

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NAPA's EMT Program

A Journey Through NAPA's EMT Program

NAPA's EMT Program

A Journey Through NAPA's EMT Program

Stocking parts, opening a store, and in-store training days are just a taste of what can happen while going through NAPA’s EMT Program. Looking to start a new management career? Listen to Ben Zalutsky!

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Becoming a Leader



Store Manager Training

At NAPA AUTO PARTS, we have a long history of promoting talented, hardworking employees. In fact, many of our Store Managers started out in counter sales, delivery or distribution center positions and grew into successful leaders.

Whether in an independently-owned store, or a company-owned store, NAPA Store Managers play a vital role in the success of our business. Our LEAD Store Manager Training Program is highly structured and comprehensive hands-on training that gives participants the knowledge and skills to succeed as NAPA Store Managers.



Complete structured, on-the-job training at a distribution center.


Use web-based training and
other resources to complete store training.


Participate in Transition Training, a position assessment, and readiness review.



Executive Manager Training

The APG Executive Management Trainee program is designed to offer high potential future leaders the opportunity to gain exposure to all area of the Automotive Parts Group business. It is an 18 month program which launches in classes of 10 – 12 trainees two times a year. The program is split into 3 phases.

Trainees are assigned a coach at their location (typically the Operations Manager), who is responsible for partnering with them throughout their program. The coach and trainee are provided with a comprehensive list of business processes, experiences, and training that the trainee must participate in throughout the course of the 18 months. Graduates from the program typically move into a frontline management role in Operations, Sales or the District.


NAPA Store

Subjects include: Store & inventory management, sales, people management, stocking, receiving, customer service, merchandising, and financial management

DC Operations & Sales

Subjects include: Stockroom, supply chain, operations, sales, HR, and general management.

Capstone Project

A unique opportunity to use the skills learned to deliver a business solution that drives the company’s growth. Includes project management and presentation skills training