Onsite Parts Management

As a member of the Onsite Parts Management team, you will be working with NAPA’s Integrated Business Solutions (IBS). IBS partners with any entity that needs assistance running a highly efficient parts department within their business. From school bus maintenance to airline ground support, you will be helping the world run on time by providing NAPA’s invaluable supply chain expertise, systems, and vendor relationships for our clients. We are looking for people who thrive in a fast-paced environment, collaborate well on a tight-knit team, and have experience in parts procurement, customer care, fleet software, government contracts, auto/heavy duty, or sales. Click here to learn more about IBS or check out our open positions if you already know this is the place for you.

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Find the Fix

Learn how to fix complicated issues for customers and the team by applying your parts knowledge and problem solving skills.

Master Procedures

After learning the ropes, you’ll slide into each day’s new and different challenges with ease.

Guide the Team

Show others the way and lead your NAPA family with a leadership role on a parts management team.

Nick Jackson

Putting Out NAPA Fires

Putting Out NAPA Fires with Nick Jackson

Nick Jackson, Stockroom Manager for NAPA Carrolton, is a man of multitudes. Before he started his active journey with NAPA, Nick had another passion he worked towards: being a volunteer firefighter. “It’s been over 21 years now,” he shares proudly. 

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Finding the Fix with IBS

How do you anticipate and fix customer needs?

Finding the Fix with NAPA IBS

What does it mean to give excellent customer service? It means Finding the Fix! No matter the challenge, we know what it takes to conquer it. See more on how we aim at finding fixes here at NAPA.

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